Afghan family now in U.S. describes last days in Kabul, hopes for future

When the Taliban began taking control of Afghanistan in mid-August, "in one night, everything changed," recalled Adam.

Pope blesses bells that peal proclamation of sacredness of life

With the sign of the cross and a tug of a rope, Pope Francis blessed bells for parishes in Ukraine and Ecuador, praying that their peals would proclaim the sacredness of all human life.

Vatican Christmas to feature Indigenous Peruvian crèche

The Nativity scene in St. Peter's Square this year will have a distinctly Indigenous, Andean look with the centerpiece being a "Hilipuska" baby Jesus, that is, one wrapped in a blanket bound with a long cord known as a "chumpi."

Vatican extends traditional All Souls’ Day indulgences

With the COVID-19 pandemic still underway and with restrictions on gatherings still in place in some countries, the Vatican has again extended the period of time when people can earn a plenary indulgence for visiting a cemetery and praying for the souls of the faithful in purgatory.

Hypersonic weapons open way to new arms race, Catholic observers say

It isn't just the Pentagon taking note of hypersonic weapons development and recent testing reportedly undertaken by China, Russia and North Korea.

Extreme poverty can be ended ‘immediately,’ speaker says at Vatican

Extreme deprivation could be ended "basically immediately," said U.S. economist and member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Jeffrey D. Sachs.

Climate crisis requires ‘radical decisions,’ pope tells BBC listeners

The crises caused by climate change and worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic require a strong response to prevent a "'perfect storm' that could rupture the bonds holding our society together within the greater gift of God's creation," Pope Francis said.

Death-row spiritual advisers weigh in on Supreme Court case

A case before the Supreme Court Nov. 9 argues that death-row chaplains should have the final word.

Biden says pope told him to continue receiving Communion

Pope Francis and U.S. President Joe Biden had an unusually long meeting at the Vatican Oct. 29, talking about the climate crisis and poverty, but not about abortion, the president said.

Pretrial hearing is held in McCarrick case; second hearing will be Dec. 21

The Dedham District Court held a pretrial hearing Oct. 28 in the criminal sex abuse case of former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, who is facing three counts of sexually assaulting a teenager in the 1970s.