Astronaut talks with Catholic school students while orbiting Earth

Crisscrossing above the Seattle region at approximately 17,000 mph aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei took live questions from students at Seattle Nativity School.

Newborn abandonment case prompts renewed emphasis on ‘safe haven’ efforts

In 20 years of community organizing, resulting in more than 300 cases of newborns saved from infant abandonment, Floridian Nick Silverio has never actually witnessed a criminal child abandonment in progress.

Denying dignity of work is an ‘injustice,’ pope says

St. Joseph's work as a humble carpenter serves as an example of the dignity of hard work that today is often denied to those in need, Pope Francis said.

Pope pops by his favorite record store to say ‘hello’

Pope Francis took an evening ride in a white Fiat 500 to visit a record store he used to go to when in Rome as a cardinal.

Archbishop’s pastoral letter invites dialogue toward nuclear disarmament

In a new pastoral letter, Archbishop John C. Wester of Santa Fe, New Mexico, urges the local community and the world to join "a renewed commitment to the cause of peace" with the goal of eliminating all global nuclear weapons arsenals.

Indiana seminarians chop wood to help rural neighbors stay warm

What does a seminarian do to prepare for priestly ministry? Pray. Check. Take theology classes. Check. Minister in parishes, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. Check. Cut down trees and split wood. Wait, what?

Risen from the ashes: St. Joseph’s new church a symbol of hope after devastating...

St. Joseph Parish in North Phoenix has much in common with the mythical bird that is the namesake of the city where it is located. After a devastating fire burned its former church to the ground May 1, 2019 — the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker — a beautiful new structure now stands in its place.

Pope, cardinal offer condolences to victims of Bronx fire that killed 17

Pope Francis issued condolences to families of those killed in an Jan. 9 apartment building blaze in the Bronx that killed 17 people, including eight children.

Poitier’s roles put civil rights issues on the big screen

For someone who was raised Catholic, Sidney Poitier left a mark on the Catholic world.

Doggone it: When a papal point misses the mark

Context is everything. But sometimes Pope Francis assumes people know him and the context of his words.