New York Cardinal’s reflections provide much food for spiritual thought

Anyone who has ever heard Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan — in personal conversation, interviewed on TV, giving a homily or addressing a conference — knows the archbishop of New York is not at a loss for words.

As coronavirus spreads, now is the time for fearless faith, steadfast hope

Our enemy wants to fill us with fear and anxiety. Staying grounded in the sacraments, prayer and Scripture helps us to see with the eyes of faith.

‘Damned Lies, and Living the Gospel of Life’

The above quote from St. John Paul II was published in 1995, when the 4D ultrasound was not yet available, when Roe v. Wade’s pathological assault on truth was just 22 years old.

‘Mentiras malditas, y vivir el Evangelio de la vida’

La cita anterior de San Juan Pablo II fue publicada en 1995, cuando la ecografía 4D aún no estaba disponible, cuando el asalto patológico a la verdad de Roe v. Wade tenía sólo 22 años.

Movies: ‘I Am Patrick’

NEW YORK (CNS) — The reasons the Church continues to honor the Apostle of Ireland more than 1,500 years after his death shine forth in the film “I Am Patrick” (CBN), a docudrama screening in theaters for two nights only, March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day — and March 18.

Television: ‘Hunters,’ Feb. 21, Amazon

NEW YORK (CNS) — Celebrated actor Al Pacino’s many fans have waited more than five decades for him to make his episodic television debut. So it’s disappointing that “Hunters,” the program that features his first turn within the format, isn’t worth viewers’ time.

Ash Wednesday: Repentance as response to redemption

Repentance has to be in response to Jesus' death on the cross. The word “redemption” comes, literally, from the term to buy back, which God-as-man did on the cross.

Fasting to be the person God is calling

The Christian life and its spiritual practices are undertaken not for one’s own sake alone. They extend outward and lead toward others, whose lives may be complicated, painful.

Games: Kingdom Hearts 3 — Re Mind

NEW YORK (CNS) — The 2019 release of “Kingdom Hearts 3” wrapped up a video game odyssey that spanned nearly two decades. But fans still wanted more of the franchise’s elaborate lore and challenging fights.

A spectacular Lenten failure

Lent is an invitation to walk with Christ through the desert. You need only: docility, openness to the journey and abandonment of your own will.