Movies: Sonic the Hedgehog

NEW YORK (CNS) — Not that the intended core audience of children is likely to notice, but many of the adults who take them will find that there’s something oddly mechanical and even maladroit about “Sonic the Hedgehog” (Paramount).

The Voice of Jesus: First in a Series

In this “Christian” race, we are not competing against one another but against the physical and spiritual obstacles that stand in the way of holiness.

Ash Wednesday: Making the Lenten journey as a family

Parents are the heads of their domestic church, but it's okay — and fruitful — to ask the kids what they want to do for Lent.

Lenten penance prepares us for spiritual battle

In a world in which people often pride themselves on “having no regrets,” it’s admitting we have a few, or eight, or 50.

Experienced couples can strengthen marriage amid the sinkholes

Having a divorce in the neighborhood is like having a sinkhole in your street. Everything that seemed stable suddenly isn’t.

Movies: Jojo Rabbit

NEW YORK (CNS) — As with many satires, the makers of “Jojo Rabbit” (Fox Searchlight) don’t care much whether an audience likes their film — or understands all of it.

Myopic view continues to ignore, discount beliefs of millions

It’s what’s missing from mainstream media news coverage that explains a lot about the mindset of those who wield power in America’s newsrooms and the growing number of people who shun traditional news sources.

Following the light

Night was falling at the end of a gray day. A few dozen silent, shabby figures were sitting at round tables waiting.

Event of the decade

From a Catholic perspective, few if any dates were more significant during the decade than Feb. 11, 2013.

Mary, a woman of patience

Picture an image of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Now picture her pregnant.