“Haced lo que él os diga” (Juan 2:5). Estas palabras de la Madre de Dios en la Fiesta de la Boda de Caná son como un faro luminoso que señala el camino de nuestra felicidad y el Corazón de Cristo.
There were little signs since the day Jesus began to call disciples, but what most prepared Peter to be the first pope was the way Jesus dealt with his burden of guilt after his triple betrayal of his Master.
En la primera parte de esta serie sobre la música sagrada, describí el significado de la música sagrada, y la diferencia entre la música de la liturgia sagrada de la Iglesia y la “música religiosa”.
En 30 de diciembre de 2016, en la fiesta de la Sagrada Familia, un Rito Revisado para el Matrimonio comenzó a ser utilizado en toda la Iglesia anglosajona. Se llama la Orden para Celebrar el Matrimonio. Aunque gran parte del Rito sigue siendo el mismo, los cambios sirven para profundizar en la belleza de la expresión simbólica del matrimonio, así como para irradiar la verdad inmutable del matrimonio en nuestra cultura.
Él estaba feliz de servir en relativa oscuridad porque le dejaba tiempo casi todos los días para oración y el estudio privado, tiempo para profundizar en su conocimiento y amor de Cristo; pero una vez más Dios tenía planes muy diferentes en mente.
Editor's note: This is the first part in a series of columns by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted that celebrated of the holy Year for Priests. It was originally published Oct. 1, 2009. Fr. Pro did not support the armed insurrection against...
Throughout the history of salvation, God chooses to use what seems too small and insignificant to accomplish his purposes. Small realities, ordinary people: like the poor young children of Fatima, like the family.
He was happy to serve in relative obscurity since it left him time most days for private prayer and study, time to deepen his knowledge and love of Christ; but God had very different plans in mind.
Recently we have been looking at eight tasks Catholics need to be about in order effectively to bear witness to Christ at this time in America. Today, we shall look at two more: Make Sunday the center of our life and defend the life and dignity of all persons.
Do not remain on the sidelines while the rest of us take a stand for religious liberty. It is more important than ever not to be ashamed to be identified with Christ and His Church in this historic test of our faith.