Angela Faddis, who lost her battle with cancer last month, holds a friend’s child after giving a talk at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Tempe with her husband, Chris.

Angela Faddis, a mother of two and aspiring writer, died Sept. 21 after a 15-month battle with Stage IV colon cancer. She was 32.

Readers were first introduced to Angela and her husband, Chris, in June. Chris was writing an inspirational book, along with his wife, with sales of the book going to support rising medical costs.

From the onset of her diagnosis Easter Sunday, 2011, Angela was fervent in her prayers that, “Jesus still rose, and so we’re going to trust.”

The couple chronicled their journey of faith with readers from all over the world on their Facebook page. Thousands followed as Angela slowly lost her life.

Jason Meyer of Tempe posted, “Thank you both for the witness of your unwavering trust in Jesus. Your faith has helped so many come back to trusting in Jesus. Including me.”

The funeral Mass at St. Timothy’s Parish in Mesa was concelebrated by several priests, and attended by hundreds of faithful followers of Christ.

Angela’s greatest joy was being a mother and caring for her children, Gianna, 5, and Augustine, 3.

She will be remembered as a woman of unwavering faith with a captivating smile and infectious laughter.

Close friend, Melanie Pritchard, painted Angela’s nails her favorite color of hot pink, and inspired others to share in Angela’s journey of faith through her blog.

Pritchard wrote, “She was my quiet, calm friend whose soul became loud as she allowed many across the world to share in her suffering and her incredible faith. I’m proud to have been her friend… Her story and her faith have already touched so many around the world leading many to Christ.”

Angela grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland. While attending

University of South Carolina, where she graduated in 2002, she was involved with the Catholic Student Center, serving as a volunteer youth leader for many years.

Angela moved to Arizona on her birthday, Oct. 1, in 2003. Just a few months later she met her future husband, Chris. The couple married July 1, 2006.

Angela is survived by her husband Christopher, her two young children, parents John Mayer and Deborah Mullinix (Bittner), grandfather Charles Bittner, brothers Jeff Mayer and Andrew Mayer, and her half brother Joshua Mayer, in-laws Yvonne Meehan (Sanchez) and Devry Faddis, along with countless family and friends.

Angela’s body was interred at Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Mesa. Support the family at

Update: Here is Angela and Chris Faddis’ appearance from May of this year on “Catholics Matter.”