Our bounded issues since 1987. To contact diocesan archives for copies of old articles or photos: (602) 354-2475 or online: https://www.diocesephoenix.org/archives.php
Our bounded issues since 1987. To contact diocesan archives for copies of old articles or photos: (602) 354-2475 or online: https://www.diocesephoenix.org/archives.php

It’s time to re-visit some of our old issues to see what made headlines in the local and global Church and how we have grown in the interim:

From our January 1988 issues (25 years ago)

  • Priest-scientists minister ‘in space’
    One of several stories in the issue about the work of three Jesuit priests working as astronomers at the Vatican Observatory, which has a study base in Tucson. Another story offered theories on the gospel star in the Nativity story.
  • St. Mary’s to celebrate anniversary
    The Chandler parish held a golden anniversary homecoming Jan. 10 that year, albeit a month delayed of its technical founding. The celebration included a march from the current church to its original site at Colorado Street and Chandler Blvd. for a prayer service. Original parish boundaries reportedly stretched over 200 square miles.
  • St. Matthew pupils celebrate Epiphany custom
    A news brief and photo recaps the first time the school steps away from the state Capitol celebrated the Epiphany custom of blessing a house, meeting place or school by blessing each room and inscribing the initials of the three Magi above the room with the year’s digits separating them (eg, 19+B+C+M+88 or for this year 20+C+M+B+13).
  • Pope names 1,200 bishops in 10 years
    A news-wire article reported that in Pope John Paul II’s first 10 years as the Church’s supreme leader, he made roughly 1,300 episcopal appointments, more than a third of all active bishops at the time. Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien, was one of them. The pope ordained him Jan. 6, 1982.
  • Queen Creek mission sponsors migrant help
    A news brief reported that some 200 families help migrant farm workers living in nearby orchards. Average dual-parent income was $15,300 at the time with the Catholic mission assisting through St. Vincent de Paul and serving Thanksgiving dinner to 200 fruit pickers.
  • Blaze burns Bourgade books
    A suspected arson-set fire caused $75,000 in damage to the Catholic high school library.

From our January 2003 issues (10 years ago)

  • Catholic Conference picks new director
    Profiles Ron Johnson, who started his first year formally lobbying the Arizona Sate Legislature regarding issues important to Catholic’s in Arizona’s three dioceses. To stay in touch with the conference and legislative updates, click here.
  • 100 years old and still finding newman things to do
    Short article highlights centennial activities for the “Old Church” at the All saints Newman Center. The next worship facility for ASU’s college students and surrounding community was recently torn down to make way for more efficient space in 2013 and beyond. Take a 79-second look at Newman Center history and its future look that is weeks away from reality.
  • Sun City Catholics play Santa for youths
    St. Joachim and Anne parishioners provided Christmas presents and cheer to some 110 children from El Mirage and surrounding areas as well as a turkey for each family’s Christmas meal.
  • Immigrants face increased threat of violence
    Reports on the Border Action Network and the Diocese of Phoenix voiced their concerns during a press conference. The Border Action Network had recently published a report, Hate or Heroism: Vigilantes on the Arizona-Mexico Border.”