From the early beginnings of Mee Oh My, Mary our Mother, has always been present in this apostolate centered on the beauty of marriage and families. (Even notice the initials of Mee Oh My and Mary Our Mother…M.O.M.) That is why the opening day of this darling shop that sells wooden people painted with love in the image of our Creator, was on August 22nd…the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (in the Traditional calendar), and the Queenship of Mary.

Mee Oh My began as Isabel Gonzalez, the artist, questioned what were her God-given talents: “I asked God in prayer and then it came to me (not right away though. I had to learn to listen!)!! I like to make things for people! Bringing joy into the life of others while sharing the Good News is my mission…and all for the Greater Glory of God. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”

Mee Oh My’s creations are heavily influenced by her Catholic faith, her family, and her Kindergarten students. Follow along the journey and be prepared to say, Mee Oh My! What a lovely peg! As you witness these wooden people come to life.

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