Synod surprises: Universal compassion, inaccurate coverage, couples say

Two couples attending the Synod of Bishops on the family brief the media at the Vatican about their experience observing the Synod of Bishops on the family, which is closed to the press.

Families need homilies connecting Gospel to real life, observer says

Accompanying God's word with a real example or story from someone's life helps people know "the facts, that there are so many other people also having problems" and how Christ offers healing, Maria Gomes told Catholic News Service

Church and society must learn from families, pope says at audience

Families bring needed values and a humanizing spirit to society and, when they mirror God's love for all, they teach the church how it should relate to all people, including the "imperfect."

Life and Dignity of the Human Person [VIDEO]

During respect life month, learn from key leaders in the U.S. Church as they discuss the dignity of the human person and our right to life.

Bishop Olmsted issues apostolic exhortation on masculinity

Catholic men must reclaim and life the virtue of Christian of masculinity, says Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted in his apostolic exhortation, “Into the Breach.”

Into the Breach Official Trailer [VIDEO]

Men, do not hesitate to engage in the battle that is raging around you.

Pope says he left U.S. praying for, impressed by its people

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — As the American Airlines plane taking him to Rome from Philadelphia took off, Pope Francis said he pictured the faces of all the people he met, and he prayed for them.

Pope urges U.S. Catholics to keep enthusiasm, welcome newcomers

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Pope Francis ended his trip to the United States with a call for Catholics to keep the enthusiasm of the visit, while continuing to welcome newcomers and care for creation.

Serve, care for each other, pope tells families at closing Mass

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Pope Francis urged the hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the closing Mass of the World Meeting of Families to serve and care for each other as freely as God loves the human family.

Pope delights Philly crowd with spontaneous talk on families [VIDEO]

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Pope Francis threw away a prepared text and, to the delight of tens of thousands of people on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, spoke from the heart about the challenges and love that come with being part of a family.