State of the Campaign for February 2018

As the first full block of the “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” campaign ends, I am excited to share good news.

Surrounded by Angels, including fallen ones

We walk surrounded by angels. We are not alone, as we journey through life; these spirits, created by God, surround us at all times, even though we cannot see them because they are pure spirits without a body.

Rodeados por Ángeles, incluyendo los caídos

Caminamos rodeados de ángeles. No estamos solos, mientras transitamos por la vida; estos espíritus, creados por Dios, nos rodean en todo momento, aunque no podemos verlos porque son espíritus puros sin cuerpo.

Called: A Lenten reflection series [VIDEO]

Lenten alerts (emails, texts, social media feeds, bulletin ads) abound this time of year. We will bring you a more full resource guide in our February issue, but this is a start.

Celebrating the significant contributions made by Catholic schools

Over 200 years of opening doors to families of all faiths and beliefs from all segments of society with stellar graduation rates and alumni more likely to vote, be more civically engaged, be more tolerant of diverse views, less likely to be incarcerated and are committed to service as adults.

Our Catholic schools need more champions

Exactly what does it mean to be a champion of Catholic schools? It means doing what you can from where you stand.

Don’t give up on forever: Tips to save your marriage

“Do you want the American Flag stamps or the Forever stamps?” the lady behind the counter asked. “The Forever stamps are, well, forever. Some people have a hard time understanding that,” she added, wrinkling her brow.

The ‘nonsignificant’ among us

The homeless person sitting on the corner near our church never moved off his bench despite freezing temperatures. No matter the time of day, there he sat bundled up in clothes people had donated.

The Family: The first school of Discipleship

It was not, of course, an ideal environment for growing in the faith, and it was probably a different environment than most of you face, but, whatever the circumstances, God provides what we need, if we make good use of what He has made available.

La Familia: Primera escuela del discipulado

Crecí en una granja en el noreste de Kansas, donde montar a caballo a nuestra escuela de un sola salón, cuidando de los cerdos y el ganado, trabajando en los campos, y pasar tiempo con la familia vino tan naturalmente como respirar.