Driving through a neighborhood once years ago, I remember thinking that behind every door was a person with a story that ought to be told. I suppose part of that comes from being a pro-lifer: each human life is beloved by God who spilled His precious blood for all humanity — the rich and powerful, the poor and frail, the Hollywood starlet and the beggar on the corner. Each person’s life is unique and worthy of the Father’s love. Each person’s life tells a story.

El Papa Francisco dice que conocemos a Jesús mejor a través de Sus heridas, las heridas encontradas en Sus hermanos y hermanas en necesidad; y servimos a Jesús mejor al ser un canal de Su gozo y misericordia. Sin duda esto era cierto para el Santo que la Iglesia honra el 31 de enero, San Juan Bosco.

Pope Francis says that we get to know Jesus best through His wounds, the wounds found in His brothers and sisters in need; and we serve Jesus best by being a channel of His joy and mercy. This certainly was true for the saint whom the Church honors on Jan. 31, St. John Bosco.

Dear Becky, I’m writing to share something that will astonish you. You won’t believe me now — much you will have to dissect, argue with, and hear again. You’ll bark at me, roll your eyes, snicker. You’ll probably storm off.

Más que cualquier otro Santo, la Madre de Dios ha ayudado a personas a descubrir la misericordia de Dios. De hecho, es a través de María que la misericordia entró en la historia de la humanidad en la persona misma de su amado hijo, Jesús.

It’s that time of the year when everything from serious sermons to sappy jewelry commercials and everything in between turn their attentions to taking care of others. And that’s a good thing, although we should probably be thinking about that all year.

More than any other saint, the Mother of God has helped people to discover God’s mercy. In fact, it is through Mary that mercy entered into human history in the very person of her beloved son, Jesus.

With Christmas just days away, we turn our hearts toward the humble stable in Bethlehem where the Savior of the world was born. In the midst of the clamor of the world and the unrelenting violence around us, this conscious decision to focus on Jesus Christ, Ruler of the Universe, girds us with the truth: the Child born in the silence and stillness of the night was sent to redeem us and heal our broken world.

After what anybody would have to conclude was a triumphant tour of the Unites States, Pope Francis is enjoying a renaissance of sorts with almost all Americans regardless of their religious positions and perspectives. And the reason for that lies in what most say is his obvious sincerity, integrity and commitment to spreading the love of Christ.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, and Christmas not far behind, thoughts of gratitude, and giving, are close at heart. For those of modest means, the holidays are also a time to be mindful of their money, to keep within a budget. But, let’s face it, the pressure to spend is sometimes overwhelming.


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