Anselmo fue elegido para dirigir la Iglesia en Inglaterra, en un tiempo en el que el Rey William Rufus quería a un arzobispo de Canterbury débil, un hombre al que pudiera controlar y utilizar para su propio beneficio. Anselmo, por su parte, no quería ser obispo; pidió no ser escogido, deseando permanecer en su monasterio en Bec, Francia, donde estaba sirviendo con gusto como el Abad.

Anselm was chosen to lead the Church in England, at a time when King William Rufus wanted a weak archbishop in Canterbury, a man he could control and use for his own gain. Anselm, for his part, did not want to be a bishop; he begged not to be chosen, desiring to remain in his monastery in Bec, France where he was happily serving as abbot. But once chosen, Anselm threw himself mightily into the task and fought resolutely for religious freedom. He did this without failing to love the king but with love of God first: setting an example that would be imitated and carried forward by other English saints such as the martyrs Thomas Becket (a later successor in Canterbury), John Fisher and Thomas More.

Doubt clouded the hearts of fourth century Christians. Confusion was sown by a priest named Arius. Dark storms of skepticism swept across large swaths...

There were little signs since the day Jesus began to call disciples, but what most prepared Peter to be the first pope was the way Jesus dealt with his burden of guilt after his triple betrayal of his Master.

Qué preparó a Pedro para ser el primer Papa

El Papa Francisco dice que conocemos a Jesús mejor a través de Sus heridas, las heridas encontradas en Sus hermanos y hermanas en necesidad; y servimos a Jesús mejor al ser un canal de Su gozo y misericordia. Sin duda esto era cierto para el Santo que la Iglesia honra el 31 de enero, San Juan Bosco.

Pope Francis says that we get to know Jesus best through His wounds, the wounds found in His brothers and sisters in need; and we serve Jesus best by being a channel of His joy and mercy. This certainly was true for the saint whom the Church honors on Jan. 31, St. John Bosco.

Más que cualquier otro Santo, la Madre de Dios ha ayudado a personas a descubrir la misericordia de Dios. De hecho, es a través de María que la misericordia entró en la historia de la humanidad en la persona misma de su amado hijo, Jesús.

More than any other saint, the Mother of God has helped people to discover God’s mercy. In fact, it is through Mary that mercy entered into human history in the very person of her beloved son, Jesus.

The first American citizen to be canonized a saint was an immigrant to our country and her life was dedicated to the care of immigrants. Coming to America, however, wasn’t what Frances Cabrini had in mind when she journeyed from Milan to Rome in AD 1887 to meet with the Successor of Peter. She wanted be a missionary in China. From the time she received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the age of 8 she had dreamed of witnessing to Christ among the Chinese; and that desire had only grown as she discerned her call to Religious Life and took St. Francis Xavier as her patron. But Pope Leo XIII told her, “Go not to the East but to the West — to New York rather than China.” He urged her to follow the large throng of emigrants who were leaving Italy each week for America.


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