Catholic agencies adjust programs in response to COVID-19 restrictions

Two of Arizona’s largest Catholic agencies serving seniors and the less fortunate continue to curtail activities while adapting to serve their clients as the global coronavirus pandemic deepens in the Grand Canyon State.

Maintain routine, stay connected and rely on prayer, counselor advises

With the rapid changes brought on by COVID-19, there is an incredible level of stress for everyone in the country. We have worries about our families, our work, finances and loved ones living in areas that may be experiencing an even greater impact than where we are.

Utah parish makes 500 masks for Navajo Nation to help combat coronavirus

SALT LAKE CITY (CNS) — As a teenager, Tai Nguyen learned how to sew from his mother, an accomplished tailor and dressmaker.

Pope approves foundation promoting example, works of Pope John Paul I

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis approved the establishment of the John Paul I Vatican Foundation to preserve and promote the writings, thinking, example and study of “the smiling pope.”

Drive-thru, outdoor confessions become norm during pandemic

Masses suspended. Weddings and Baptisms postponed or severely limited in size. Churches closed. And it’s all taking place during the holy season of Lent. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to grip the nation, how is a Catholic in the Diocese of Phoenix to receive absolution through the sacrament of Confession?

COVID-19: A wake-up call for America, world

When the reports started coming in about COVID-19 it seemed so remote, so far from our little corner of the world. And then one of my sons, a critical-care nurse at a Valley hospital, sat down and had a chat with me. He was deeply concerned about the path of destruction this disease was unleashing, and he wanted his dad and me to take it seriously.

Online ministries help parishes maintain community during lockdown

God has asked Deepa Kingry to serve all over the country: South Carolina, Minnesota, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida and, for the past three years, at St. Helen Parish in Glendale as the coordinator of youth and young adult ministry.

Longing for Communion can be exercise in spiritual growth, says retired papal spokesman

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Being unable to receive the Eucharist is a form of sacrifice, but it can also be a time for...

What is a Spiritual Communion? An explainer

Even during a pandemic, Sunday is still the Lord’s Day. The faithful seeking to unite themselves in the sacrificial Mass without being physically present can still unite their hearts and minds to Jesus and the Universal Church. It’s called Spiritual Communion.

Bishops around country consecrate U.S. to Mary amid COVID-19 pandemic

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Bishops throughout the United States reconsecrated the country to Mary as the nation continues to struggle in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.