Nigerian exorcist preserves traditional artifacts to keep heritage

A Catholic priest and designated exorcist is preserving traditional religious artifacts in a museum, to keep the local cultural heritage.

Elderly must set example of faith for young people, pope says

Elderly Christians are called to be consistent in their faith, otherwise they risk becoming a sign of hypocrisy for future generations, Pope Francis said.

Outside the Supreme Court, Catholics join diverse chorus on abortion

The man with the train conductor's cap gently wove through the crowd gathered outside the Supreme Court of the United States in the early afternoon May 3 while carrying a sign that read: "Stop hating each other because you disagree."

Eucharistic preachers seek to inspire the faithful to encounter Jesus

Priests soon will be fanning out to dioceses across the country to inspire deeper reflection on the gift of the Eucharist to the church.

Leaked draft of Supreme Court opinion indicates overturn of Roe decision

The Supreme Court appears set to overturn its Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion for nearly 50 years, according to a leaked initial draft of a court opinion obtained by Politico and published online the evening of May 2.

Ordination survey finds dropping percentages of new white U.S. priests

The annual report of new priests commissioned by the U.S. bishops shows that among those who responded, a shrinking number are white, a sign of the "little-C" catholic nature of the Catholic Church.

Pope agrees to treat painful knee with therapeutic injections

Pope Francis will have therapeutic injections to try to alleviate the pain in his right knee, he told an Italian newspaper.

Like Mary, take risks to build better world, pope tells young people

Pope Francis encouraged young men and women to look to Mary as a model of courage in listening and fulfilling God's will.

Religious superiors see realism as important part of synod process

With prayer and laughter, songs and furrowed brows, more than 500 superiors of women's religious orders from around the world gathered in Rome to talk about the challenges they face and the gift those challenges represent for their congregations, the Catholic Church and the world.

Companions on the journey

The call to be companions on the journey is prophetic. At a time when society is becoming more fractured, we are invited to discern how we might "walk together" more intentionally. Pope Francis posed this question prior to the war in Ukraine. Now the scenes of horrific violence and distressed people fleeing their homeland incite all humanity to ask: "How can we walk together as brothers and sisters?"